Are you planning to buy a home in the next few months? The property should be inspected first before you may decide on how you will renovate it for your comfort. According to Santa Monica Realtor most buyers lack knowledge of what they should expect from the various people involved in the property transaction process. Here is a guide to the roles of the participants during a property inspection.

  • You, the buyer

You should have searched for information about the property prior to the inspection to avoid surprises. During the inspection, you should now just be learning more about the property. Block out a few hours on the day of inspection, contingent on the home’s size.

  • The buyer’s agent

The agent should be guiding you through the whole inspection. The agent should know what to look for and what matters in the big picture. The agent should take you through and ensure you are not overpriced.

  • The listing agent

The listing agent acts as an advocate for the seller who will be absent. The listing agent should be very familiar with property so as to address any issue that arises. The questions, concerns or issues raised during the inspection could affect the property value or kill the sale. This is the reason why the seller should get a property inspection before going to the market.

  • The inspector

As the buyer, you should hire a property inspector who is licensed by the state. The role of the impactor is to inspect the property, its systems and the overall state of the home. A good inspector will point out the things that should be addressed. You should follow the inspector whenever possible during the inspection. This is because some things are better understood in person than when read in a report. At the end of the inspection, the inspector should provide you with a detailed report and some suggestions on future maintenance.

  • Your uncle Bob

It may seem important to bring a relative or a friend who is a contractor, but remember these people are not licensed property inspectors. Such well-intended people can end up causing harmful outcomes. They may choose to be relevant by pointing out as many negative things as possible. He could not be favoring, but you may feel you need you need to raise an alarm when in real sense you don’t need to.

  • Time for a huddle.

After the inspection, you will need to have a talk with your agent. You should discuss what went on, what should be done next or if there is need for additional negotiations.